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April's topic: Persistence

Wellbeing Wisdom Talk by LWGH: 12 Ancient Milestones for Modern Wellbeing



Let's take another step - A Note on Persistence


Dear Green Heart Warriors,

With the arrival of April, we're greeted by a world bursting into life, echoing with energy and the promise of new beginnings. Here at LWGH, we're channelling this vibrant spring energy into our Wellbeing Wisdom Talk by LWGH focus for the month: Persistence. It's that restless spirit that keeps us moving forward, even when the path ahead feels overwhelming. In our fast-moving lives, the true value of persistence often slips through our fingers, yet it holds immense power, particularly when we're chasing dreams that are close to our hearts.



Have you ever paused to wonder why persistence doesn't always get its recognition? It's usually in those moments, knee-deep in a project or vision, when we hit a seemingly unbeatable wall. It all becomes overwhelming, raising doubts about our abilities. Yet, let's take a moment to reflect on the journeys of Sir James Dyson and Walt Disney, for example. Dyson's 5,000 attempts before perfecting his vacuum cleaner and Disney's two decades before Snow White's success are not just tales of triumph but of relentless determination. Through stories of persistence, we’ll also be motivating you, towards your next steps on our social media channels this month. Stories that make a difference, when the creative challenge deepens, and many of us hesitate, questioning the worth of our struggle and our own capabilities.


Here are a couple of gentle remainders to keep us all moving on:

Persist, just a little longer: In those moments of wanting to throw in the towel and switch gears, hold off. The breakthrough you're yearning for might be just a few steps away.


Welcome the challenges: Feeling stuck or encountering failure isn't a signal of your creativity running dry. It's a natural stretch of the journey toward something extraordinary. Just take another step.


Draw the inspiration from the Bedouins, as we have last year on our 365 Journey: Their lives, carved out in the vast deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, are a deep lesson in persistence. Faced with the relentless desert, they don't just survive; they thrive, demonstrating the depth of human resilience and our capacity to flourish under pressure. Their legacy is a powerful reminder that with persistence, there's no obstacle too great to overcome.


So, dear Green Heart Warriors, this month is going to be all about dedication. Whether it's pursuing a personal aspiration, contributing to our community and planet, or simply being there for one another, let's pledge to keep moving forward, step by step. Knowing, that the journey of persistence also invites us to explore the ties between our determination, our ego, and the grace of humble pride. It's a delicate dance, recognizing when our persistence is fuelled by a genuine desire to overcome, versus when it's our ego steering the ship, reluctant to admit defeat. This distinction is crucial for our wellbeing, allowing us to embrace vulnerability as a strength. It teaches us the value of persistence not just in achieving our goals, but in knowing when to release, understanding that sometimes, the bravest step is in letting go.


As we navigate this month, let's support one another in this delicate balance, creating a space where we can be determined yet open to reality, ambitious yet accepting the vulnerability of the human spirit.


Let’s conclude April’s newsletter, with an invitation to our next LWGH Meet & Greet online event. Please join us, dear Green Heart Warrior, for our next ONLINE meeting to discuss:


The Topic: Persistence

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