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March's topic: Diversity & Inclusion

Wellbeing Wisdom Talk by LWGH: 12 Ancient Milestones for Modern Wellbeing

The Power of the Pack: Embracing the Full Spectrum of Diversity and Inclusion


Dear Green Heart Warriors, dear Living with a Green Heart members.

In ancient gatherings and evening storytelling around bonfires, every story told, and every lesson shared was a testament to the strength found in human diversity. The »power of the pack« lays in bringing individual strengths together for stronger and united communities. The modern era has popularized the notion that self-realization is connected to individual needs and goals. Isolating from »the pack«, as our emotional health is showing us, goes against our human nature. Although seen as the way to achieve individual success, it robs us of life's meaning, purpose, and connectedness.

As we journey through March, the Wellbeing Wisdom Talk, a Living with a Green Heart initiative you can follow on our social media channels, spotlight turns to Diversity & Inclusion. Not just as buzzwords but as essentials that breathe life into our workplaces and communities.

Let’s peel the layers beyond the usual and dive into what makes each of us uniquely human.


Variety in Life Experiences

Imagine a world where every story around the bonfire was the same. No twists, no turns, just a flat line of uniformity. Boring, right? That's why we value individuals who bring different life stories to our collective roundtable. From the barista with a passion for indie game development to the executive with an affinity for photography, each person adds a unique flavour to the mix. It's about celebrating these backgrounds, not just in words but in creating spaces where these stories influence and enrich our shared goals.


Thinking Styles That Challenge and Inspire

It's easy to nod along with someone who always agrees with you, but where's the growth in that? Embracing diversity means welcoming those who challenge the status quo, who think differently, and inspire us to see the world through a new perspective. It's not about a clash but about complement. Like puzzle pieces, we fit together not because we're the same, but because our differences create a complete picture.


The Unseen Diversity

Not all diversity is visible. It’s in the quiet struggles, the mental battles fought in silence, the unseen disabilities, and the rich inner worlds of those around us. Recognizing this means fostering an environment where people feel safe to share their stories, where mental health isn’t stigmatized but supported, and where we understand that sometimes, the bravest thing someone can do is to show up.


Inclusion in Action

Talking about diversity is one thing; living it is another. Inclusion is about making sure everyone not only gets a seat at the table but also feels welcome to speak up and be a part of something. It's about active listening, assertive communication, question what is not aligned with our values, adapting, and making changes, not because it's mandated, but because it's the right thing to do. It means creating a culture where everyone, from the intern to the CEO, know they can question and contribute, can have a voice and that their voice matters.


As we move forward, let's not just add diversity and inclusion to our corporate jargon or social media posts. Let's integrate them into the true and authentic essence of our day-to-day interactions. Let's be curious, open, and willing to learn from each other. After all, the power of the pack is not just in its numbers but in its willingness to embrace and celebrate the rich mosaic of human experience that each member can contribute.


Let’s conclude March’s newsletter, with an invitation to our next LWGH Meet & Greet online event. Please join us, dear Green Heart Warrior, for our next ONLINE meeting to discuss:


The Topic: Diversity and Inclusion

Sustainability Manager, Moderated by Mrs. Katja Pruša, who will host Mrs. Maja Tomazin, Knauf Insulation Systems Division

on March 27th 2024 at 2.00 PM CET at the following link: Click here to join the meeting

Here’s to a united and inclusive March, dear ALL.


Your LWGH Team