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January's topic: Navigating Life's Turns with Authentic Living.

Dear Green Heart Warriors, how has your 2024 started?

Sometimes the healthiest way to engage is to disengage. That's why we have taken some time off to reflect on our 2023 'One World. One Family.' journey and its teachings for Contemporary Wellbeing.
Now, we are back with the Wellbeing Wisdom Talk by LWGH series, covering all 12 Ancient Milestones for Modern Wellbeing that the Indigenous Peoples have passed on to us. Starting in January with Authenticity.


What have the Indigenous Elders said about Authenticity?
In the indigenous view, authenticity is rooted in embracing one's true self, aligning with the genuine essence of who you are. It involves living in harmony with nature, acknowledging ancestral wisdom, and honoring traditions. For Modern Wellbeing, Authenticity holds significance as it fosters a deep connection to one's identity, purpose, and community. It provides a solid foundation for mental and emotional well-being, promoting a balanced and fulfilling life amidst the complexities of the modern world.

This blog takes a deep dive into what authenticity really means and how it can be our compass in facing the twists and turns of life.

  1. Keeping it Real: Going with Life's Flow
    Authentic living is like going with the flow of life's river. It's about recognizing and riding the currents that guide us, even if we can't see them. It's not about giving up but embracing the highs and lows that eventually lead us to what's waiting around the next bend. Don't be afraid to say YES to life.
  2. Being Yourself: Figuring Out Who You Are.
    Being authentic means having an honest conversation with ourselves. It's like standing in front of a mirror and asking some tough questions. Authenticity isn't about putting on a show; it's about showing up as the genuine you, without any need for apologies.
  3. Simple Steps: Making Progress Without the Hassle
    Authentic living doesn't require a complex manual. It's about taking small, meaningful steps that align with who we are. There's no need for a monumental struggle; instead, it's about being fully present in each step and keeping things refreshingly simple.
  4. Getting in Sync: Finding Power in Being You
    True power resides in being in sync with our authentic selves. It's about cutting through the noise, trusting our instincts, and letting our creativity shine. Authenticity liberates us from the constant need for external validation; it's about feeling empowered from within.
  5. Feeling It Out: Your Emotions as Guides
    Each emotion we experience is like a guide providing valuable insights. Authentic living encourages us to embrace these feelings instead of avoiding or forcing them. Our emotions become a map, showing us the path that resonates with our genuine selves.
  6. Rolling with Change: Embracing Life's Uncertainties
    Being real means acknowledging the ever-changing nature of life. It's about finding a balance instead of constantly chasing after the next big thing. Authentic living is akin to letting life unfold, trusting that it will work out in its own unique way.


In the journey of life, authenticity is the compass that points us towards a path that feels right. This blog unfolds the narrative of keeping it real in life's journey, where authenticity is the protagonist, guiding us through a genuine and beautiful story called: I AM.

As we bring our first Wellbeing Wisdom Talk by Living with a Green Heart to a close, where we’ve delved into the heart of authenticity, we want to share an invitation with you.

Month by month, we’ll navigate the 12 Ancient Milestones for Modern Wellbeing, uncovered during our year-long global journey, living among 11 indigenous tribes. The journey played a crucial role in shaping Saša Božič’s later book, titled ‘One World. One Family.: A Journey in Search of Indigenous Wisdom for the Wellbeing of Modern Man.' These milestones carry the wisdom of ancient cultures from around the world that resonate with our contemporary lives, while they bring back the awareness of unity and simplicity.